Listed titles will be available in August, 2018.



Aki Grisham

There are things we’re not meant to understand. It’s the bread and butter of daily life that we turn a blind eye to incongruent truths because they push out against our frame of reference, bending it out of shape and threatening to twist it into knots. We comfort ourselves with the faint hope that it’s just a dream, just a story, just speckles of dust in the sun. We sometimes believe in God. We believe in nature, in the rotation of the Earth, and the constant pulse of the tides. In biology, anatomy, and prayer. But there are cracks in the wood grain, and a gap beneath reality’s front door. Mash’rg, the Maw, whispers just outside the window, promising knowledge, passion, and above all else, an end. Jeremy thought the book was just a book. Beautiful, lonely, finding him even as it was found. Lizzie was confident in three things: death, gravity, and her younger brother. These three things couldn’t…wouldn’t fail. Andrew only knew that the sun would rise in the morning, every morning, no matter how bleak and black the night had been.

They were wrong.

We are all wrong.



K. Trap Jones

From the Royal Palm Literary Award winning author of The Sinner comes a dark fantasy story about uncommon allies uniting through dreadful means who must travel across an unforgiving realm of chaos filled with cavernous castles, brutal barbarian hordes, and hellish encampments in order to save the last member of the royal bloodline. Scarred from the death of his parents, young Prince Uhlrich must set aside his eagerness for revenge in order to utilize the strength of the one person who is both his worst enemy and closest ally – a death-bred executioner who cannot see or speak, and stricken of all emotion. Enter a world of torment where trust is an unlikely relic and fear dwells within every infested shadow of despair. Where the ability to control an executioner can greatly alter the tides of war.



Hollie Snider

An ancient evil threatens the land, domain of elves, humans and dwarves-home to the Gods themselves. Shadows fall where sunlight shone. Life is draining away, leaving a wasteland in its wake. After narrowly surviving his Hyth Kisk, Tehan is chosen by the Guardians to combat the rising threat. Forced to face a wizard or sacrifice Darkanth to the coming darkness, Tehan is the unwilling leader of a group called forth from his past. Friends undertake the journey with him, refusing to sacrifice their world. Along their journey, deceit and betrayal surface. New bonds form, while old ones snap. Things are not what or who they seem, and when hidden truths arise, some tear at the very fabric of Tehan’s soul. From a cursed lake to hellish towen, these would-be saviors must overcome or lose themselves as well.



Edited by Amity Green and Henry Snider

ONE…woman pays the ultimate price for a new form of macabre art.

ONE…vote decides the fate of a mall shooter under citizen’s arrest.

ONE…inventive student tries to save his beloved professor in a meddler’s race against time.

ONE…newly discovered archaeological site in South America holds more than just artifacts for treasure seekers.

ONE…girl, anxious to have Santa arrive, decorates her tree in a way the neighborhood just can’t seem to look away from.

ONE…erotic indiscretion at a friend’s wedding leads the duo from passion to terror.

ONE…man reasons with his heart to accept what a battered Earth holds in store.

ONE…home for troubled children imprisons siblings, forcing them to enjoy all the finer things in life.

ONE…bullied teenager escapes into a bookstore and discovers some tomes are doorways to more than just the imagination.

ONE…couple learns that in an isolated town religion isn’t a choice; it’s the only option.