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Do you charge for any of your services?

No. As the popular saying goes, “Money goes one way, and that is ‘to’ the author.”

What genres do you accept?

Strigidae Publishing accepts the following genres:

  • EROTICA sub genre (any of the above genres mixed with erotica, such as horror erotica, erotic fantasy, etc.), should visit our RAVEN’S LIGHT PRESS imprint for submission information.

What about LGBT (lesbian/gay/bi/transgender) fiction?

We’ll consider any manuscript, provided it falls within our genre boundaries, regardless of character/storyline sexual orientation.

Do I have to use my real name on the book?

No. However we do require authors using a pseudonym to promote their titles using that name.

Is every title you offer published in print, electronic, and audiobook formats?


In addition, we only contract for print, electronic, and audiobook rights. Any other rights (such as movie or television) remain solely with the author.

What are your length definitions for short story/novelette/novella/short novel/novel?

Many publishers have their own length definitions as to what qualifies a manuscript as a short story, novelette, novella, short novel, or novel. For Strigidae Publishing, our definitions are as follows:

  • Short Story – 3,000 to 7,500 words (query for shorter)
  • Novelette – 7,500 to 15,000 words
  • Novella – 15,000 to 40,000 words
  • Novel – 40,000 to 120,000 words (query for longer)

Is there any subject matter considered "Taboo" that you won't publish?

That’s a difficult question to answer. Strigidae Publishing doesn’t have a formal “no-fly-zone” regarding subject matter or specific scenes, but we do gauge society-recognized “highly offensive” material based on its necessity to the manuscript as a whole.

The easiest way to get a direct answer is to run it by us.

Do you publish flash fiction?

Not unless the flash fiction is part of an author collection.

Do you publish poetry or poetry collections?


Do you allow simultaneous submissions?

Yes, though we do ask you let us know when submitting.

Do published authors get preferred treatment for manuscript consideration?


While we might open up an e-mail from a recognized author first, each manuscript stands on its own merit when it comes to acceptance consideration.

So every accepted manuscript, except for short stories, are published as stand alone titles?

We shoot for a minimum page count to ensure the reading public feels they’re getting their money’s worth when purchasing a Strigidae Publishing title. We’ve listed our accepted manuscript publishing practices below.

  • Short Story – up to 7,500 words – are bound in either collections (single-author works) or anthologies (multiple-author works).
  • Novelette – 7,500 to 15,000 words – will be compiled with another novelette (or novelettes) by the same, or another, author to achieve the minimum page count for a Strigidae Publishing title. If novelette manuscripts are compiled with two or more authors, all author royalties shall be divided between them equally.
  • Novella – 15,000 to 40,000 words – “may” be printed as a single-author title. Titles under 30,000 words may be compiled with another novella by the same, or another, author to achieve the minimum page count for a Strigidae Publishing title. If novelette manuscripts are compiled with two or more authors, all author royalties shall be divided between them equally.
  • Novel – 40,000 words and up – will be printed as a single-author title.

I saw you mention publishing story collections from authors. Are there any rules regarding this?

Yes, actually. We’re willing to consider publishing an author’s story collection provided they have at least one novel already published with us.

Will you consider reprint novels?

Maybe – it would depend on the novel.

We would be more open to reprinting a novel if we already had another title by the same author, or the reprint was offered alongside an unpublished novel by the same author.

If you accept a reprint manuscript, does it get edited again?


Strigidae Publishing treats reprints the same as unpublished manuscripts. They go through the same editing and publication process.

Why aren't there more books on the store page?

Strigidae Publishing reopened it’s doors on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018. As titles are published they’ll be posted to the Store page.

Can I see a copy of your contract?


Any author considering publication through Strigidae Publishing may request a copy of our contract. However, as contract creation is time consuming and costly, we do request that you do not share it publicly. In addition, any service aiding authors (such as Preditors and Editors) is welcome to request a copy.

What rights to you take and for how long?

We only take rights that we are going to actively use (print, electronic, and audiobook). Strigidae Publishing retains the print and electronic rights for five years from each title-version’s publication date, and retains the audiobook rights for seven years from its release date.

Will you negotiate your contract?

Doubtful. We’ve worked hard to offer what we believe is a contract that serves both the author and our needs equally.

Do you allow electronic signatures on your contracts?


Do you have meetings during the publication process?


We offer the following types of meetings:

  • Facebook or Skype Video (our first preference) – This allows us the chance to discuss projects face-to-face.
  • Facebook or Skype Audio (our second preference) – Serving the same as a speakerphone, it allows more than two people to be involved in the conversation.
  • Phone (our third preference) – The simplest and most time-proven method.

Why do you prefer video meetings?

Good question.

Back when the label “author” wasn’t so prevalent, publishing houses would fly their talent in for meetings periodically. While today that’s rarely done anymore, we can do the next best thing. By video chatting it gives everyone the opportunity to get to know one another just as if we were sitting across the table from each other.

What if I only want to talk on the phone or even only by e-mail?

Then that’s how we’ll do things. Our goal is not only to publish our authors, but to have fun doing it. For us, getting to know our authors is part of the process, and we’re comfortable meeting with you however you like.

How will my manuscript be edited?

We physically print and hand-edit every accepted manuscript, scan them into a color PDF, then return them to the author via DropBox. While judged “old fashioned” by some, we’ve found that marking manuscripts this way provides a more in-depth edit for the author.

Why "red" ink?

Editors hear this often. The simple answer is that red pops off the page better than any other color and is easier for the author to spot.

Do you supply a Style Sheet so I can better understand the editing marks?


Strigidae Publishing offers a Style Sheet by Hollie and Henry Snider that’s been in active use since the 1990’s. This began as a simple sheet compiled of common marks used by editors, but quickly changed to encompass the errors most seen in the works crossing their desks. Though simple, it allows the author and editor to attend to their tasks quickly.

Do I have to make the changes on my edited manuscript?

The short answer is “yes.”

In a publishing relationship both the editor and author have the same goal – to put out the best book possible. The author’s job is to tell a story that’s intriguing for readers. The editor’s job is to make sure the story contains the components to ensure the author’s job is done correctly. To achieve this, there are edits, and many times those editorial changes are on every single page. Commonly you’ll find the following marked:

  • Telling the story vs. showing the story
  • Passive voice
  • Overuse of gender pronouns
  • Overuse of LY adverbs
  • Overuse of “To Be” verbs
  • Overuse of gerunds
  • Character filtering
  • Lack of description
  • “Talking Head Syndrome” (no action taking place below the neck)

These problems are common even for seasoned authors. That’s why there are editors.

Now, if there’s a serious conflict with an editor the author can take their grievance to our Executive Editor, Hollie Snider. All decisions from her are final.

There seems to be too many editing marks in my book Maybe it's just a bad book.


Editing is a hated beast, but one that must be defeated to attain a quality manuscript.

If we’ve chosen to accept your novel/novelette/short story it’s because we believe in the tale you’re telling. Editing is never easy and can be as difficult as writing the story in the first place. Our suggestions are to:

  • Remember, the editor’s job is to do their best to make your writing the strongest it can be. They’re on your side even if it doesn’t feel that way.
  • Keep a sense of humor. Corrections are rough not only for the author, but also for the editor. A good laugh lightens the load.
  • Look at the edits. How many of them are repetitive? Make notes so these mistakes don’t continue in the future.
  • Ask questions. Learning what you’re doing right and wrong from your editor will help you in the future.
  • Understand the mistakes. If you fully understand what you were doing wrong (be it mechanical or conceptual) then your writing will be tighter in future projects.

If I approve the edits will the editor make the changes for me?


We’re a publishing house with editors, not ghost writers. Beyond basic pre-press copy editing, it’s the author’s responsibility to make the changes marked by the editor.

1What dimensions will by book be?

Typically either a 6″x9″ or a 5″x8″ book. The variable will be the length of the manuscript and judgment of the Media Director.

Will I get any contributor copies?


Strigidae Publishing supplies an author the following for their novel:

  • Five (5) print copies of their novel.
  • Five (5) download codes for e-copies of their novel.
  • Five (5) download codes for an audiobook performance of their novel.

Are the images on the front page banner book cover images?

Unless there’s a full 3D book cover as part of the banner image, no – the slider image is only a teaser for the forthcoming novel.

Can I choose my cover and who does it?

We welcome and consider all requests regarding covers. In the end it will depend on the following:

  • “Is it ‘The right fit?’” In another words, does the art match what Strigidae Publishing is looking for in a cover?
  • Can we acquire the rights to the artwork and not a finished cover? Cover layout (alignment, text, etc.) is done “in house” to ensure the best product possible. In addition, being able to adjust cover text allows us to lay out business cards, bookmarks, flats, etc. should the author request them.
  • Cost.

I've already purchased cover art. Will you use it?

In the end it will depend on the following:

  • “Is it ‘The right fit?’” In another words, does the art match what Strigidae Publishing is looking for in a cover?
  • Is there a signed contract with the artist showing you have the rights to the artwork? Even if you do have one, we will still need to contact the artist for verification.
  • If not, can we contact the artist and get a signed contract releasing rights to reproduce the artwork.

I don't like my cover art. What can I do about it?

We’ll do our best to work with you to create a cover both you and we are happy with. In the end, though, all final cover art decisions remain with Strigidae Publishing’s Media Director, Henry Snider.

You've mentioned business cards, bookmarks, and flats. Do you charge for them?

Strigidae Publishing is happy to create business card, bookmark, and flat layouts for our authors which showcase their S.P. title – designing them to meet the author’s defined dimensions at no charge. However, at the present time, printing them is the responsibility of the author.

What royalties do you pay your authors and how do you pay them?

As the majority of Strigidae Publishing’s duties are performed “in house,” we’re able to pay authors the following royalties on novels/short novels, novellas, and some novelettes (length dependent):


  • ONLINE SALES – 50% of the publisher’s gross receipts from online sales of print and electronic versions of the novel are paid to the author.
  • PHYSICAL SALES – 50% of the publisher’s net receipts from physical sales of print and electronic versions of the novel are paid to the author.
  • AUDIOBOOK SALES – 50% of the publisher’s net receipts from audiobook sales of the novel are paid to the author.


Payment to authors is by Paypal or physical check (author’s choice).

Can you expand on the royalties a little bit?

We’re happy to clarify our GROSS payments and or NET expenses below for novels, short novels, novellas, and novelettes (length dependent).

  • Online Sales of Print and Electronic Copies – Fifty percent (50%) of all money Strigidae Publishing receives from the online sales (such as Amazon, B&N, and other websites) of a title are paid to the author.
  • Physical Sales Copies (includes print, and electronic versions) – Fifty percent (50%) of all money Strigidae Publishing receives from the physical sales (includes conventions, arranged book signings, retail sales, etc.) – minus printing and shipping costs – of a title are paid to the author.
  • Audiobook Sales – Fifty percent (50%) of all money Strigidae Publishing receives from audiobook sales – minus any payment due to the voice-over artist, cost of media (compact disk, flash drive, etc.), and shipping costs (if any) – of a title are paid to the author.

How often do you pay your authors?

Our authors are paid quarterly and payment is made within ninety (90) days of each quarter’s end (provided there’s at least $20 due the author – otherwise the amount due carries over to the next quarter).

Do you supply statements?

We supply detailed statements every quarter that list all sales of a particular title, gross income made from said title, and deductions (if any) from expenses.

Do you publicize your authors?

At this time we publicize our authors through various online entities and offer free-of-charge layouts for bookmarks, business cards, flats, electronic and physical banners, etc. (physical purchase of the promotional material is currently the author’s responsibility through whatever print service they choose to use).

If I join the writing group you belong to (Fiction Foundry) will you publish me?


Fiction Foundry is a fantastic writing group and we recommend them highly. However, it is not a fast-track to publication within this house. If we do see a strong story from a group member we might suggest they submit, but at our discretion.

Can I resubmit my manuscript after it's been rejected, and, if I can, how long do I have to wait?

Yes. Unless we state we’re not interested in the manuscript at all, you may resubmit the manuscript after six months.

Do I have to wait the full six months before resubmitting?

Yes, unless we’ve specifically requested a shorter resubmission time. The six months allows the author time to make corrections and review their work.

Do you just give form rejections?

No. Even a short rejection letter will contain a list of any problems we found.